The First Day Of School

We all spend countless hours getting our kids ready for the 1st day of school, some of us even spend months getting ready for the big occasion. We want to make sure they have the right backpack, the coolest lunchbox, the latest and greatest in clothing, hair cuts and the big night before school bath. Now that we have literally  drove ourselves insane and drained the bank accounts, its time to drop them off. more 1st day of school photo, and the paparazzi goes crazy. As we stand there and watch them walk into a world that no longer belongs to us, tears stream down our faces and worry submerges our brains. By 9:15 FB is exploding, 1st day of school pics are everywhere and they just keep coming. Well, this was my 1st day of school FB picture, because by 9:20 my tears of worry turned into tears of joy knowing that I had the next

5 hours to be sane again.IMG_0759