WTF happened

When I was a kid we drank milk that came out of glass bottles and had a shelf life of 4 days, we went to a butcher to get our meat, picked berries from trees and ate veggies without washing them streight from my grandma Salanco’s garden. Who knew how much I would come to appreciate my upbringing of worry free food.

As I got older , so did the food. The shit could stay on the shelves for years. A can of tomatoes could be handed down from generation to generation and see more decades than I’ll ever see in my lifetime.

I soon discovered a cool place to get food, “the health food store.” Only one of them existed, nestled in the village of NYC. I was a frequent customer because it was the only place to get food that remotely resembled what I was used to. I also liked hanging out their because it was cool and that’s where one could find all the hippies.

Ahhh , and that brings us to today. WTF happened..GMO non GMO. organic non organic, gluten, gluten-free, ultra pasteurized andhomogenized, grass-fed not grass-fed, tap water ultra purified water, toxic non toxic,  abcdefg in ingredients that I don’t even have a clue what they stand for but they cause cancer and the TV tells me that I should buy them for my kids. But lucky for us there is now a small organic section in all of the food stores where I can buy “worry free”food..providing I take out a second mortgage on my house.

I spend countless hours a day scouting out places that have the most affordable, safest way to feed my brode.